2020 what a year!?

What a year? For me personally the lockdown made it possible to make some new music with the promising artist and producer Rufino Oyao. In total we’ve released 3 new songs. Feel it, Miracle and Believe which all can be listened to at Spotify and all the other digital platforms. Even though it’s a brand new genre and not my personal playground we’ve made the best out of it.

So.. 2021 is planned to be a big musical year. I’m planning several new release where I go back to the roots with rock, pop and americana plus some brand new genres.

Any ways, I really hope you are well in this new situation our world stands up against. Covid 19 has talen it’s tall on most of us. Have we given up? No(!) listen friends, we are stronger than never before.

Be kind to eachother!

One love,