Second solo album in the making.

The last two years I’ve been really busy with all sorts of things. I have also been working as a recording producer for RVI RECORDS, as you can see, my BOSS, Yaco makes my work really simple. He always makes sure people get what they like. For me to see the musicians and artists I work with get so into it. Their faces when they get where they want with their music, – that gives me just so much joy.  What an amazing feeling, being at the other end of the recording boot. I think it have made my vision and understanding of music much deeper and wider.


Finally I have had the time to go into the studio working on my own music as well, the RobiE sessions. I can’t wait to hit you guys with brand new material and a totally different sound. I hope you will like it. For now it’s in the beginning process, but I promise to release more stuff for you guys and gals.


Talk to you all real soon,


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