2020 what a year!?

What a year? For me personally the lockdown made it possible to make some new music with the promising artist and producer Rufino Oyao. In total we’ve released 3 new songs. Feel it, Miracle and Believe which all can be listened to at Spotify and all the other digital platforms. Even though it’s a brand new genre and not my personal playground we’ve made the best out of it.

So.. 2021 is planned to be a big musical year. I’m planning several new release where I go back to the roots with rock, pop and americana plus some brand new genres.

Any ways, I really hope you are well in this new situation our world stands up against. Covid 19 has talen it’s tall on most of us. Have we given up? No(!) listen friends, we are stronger than never before.

Be kind to eachother!

One love,



2019 – will be an exciting year! I will together with other artists release brand new music! Can’t wait to get your feedback! You are the reason why I write music!

Together we stand through the next year!

Happy New Year 2018!

Hi folks!

Have a happy new year!

Long time no write!

2018 beholds opportunities. I will release some brand new music. Something totally different from what I’ve been doing before. It’s exciting times!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas is a lovely time to reflect and be kind to another. Hope you and all your loved ones will have a peacefull and joyfull christmas and a happy new year!

Super Sale!

Buy my first solo album “When it’s raining diamonds” and get my second album “Moon Pledge” for free. I’ll only charge you 14.99 dollars with free shipping worldwide. I accept paypal so just send me a message thru my website and I’ll have it packed and ready to ship asap!


Happy New Year 2015!

Hello World!
Another year has past us by. Good job, you! I bet you’ve had some really difficult times and challenges over the year, but remember, you also have had blessings in your life. Far too often we tend to focus on everything that’s tough and sad in our life and around us instead of also focusing on all the great things going on. Just like a car, we all need fuel to keep running, so that fuel would be to keep focus on the blessings. Remember the saying “count your blessings”? Well so why don’t we? Keep your eyes on the price. Keep fighting, keep focus and stay alive! I wish you all a joyfull new years eve with friends and family and have a blessed new year! I put my faith in you!



Main target achieved!

When I first started to write the album “Moon Pledge”, one of my main goals was to get played at NRK P3, one of Norways best radiochannels, that mission was accomplished pretty quick, and man I’m greatful for that. I simply love music, the world would be a lesser place without it.. Here’s some evidence.

Also there have been some press reviews and so far so good, this article is in Norwegian by the local newspaper:

So thanks for staying tuned in! Love you guys and gals! Have a nice day!


New singel release from the forthcoming album “Moon Pledge”!

Releases April 12, 2013

“Can You Hear Me”, is the new single from the forthcoming album “Moon Pledge” which releases Fall/Winter 2013.

It’s been great writing this album, finally it’s my turn to release something new! I can’t wait to hear your feedback on it. I wrote “Can You Hear Me” when I was about 16years old. And it’s a “touch and feel” kind of song. Alot of emotions going on right there. But what I tried to capture is the essence WE ALL feel from time to time. The essence of being let down by the people around you.

Cover Single Can You Hear Me - RobiE 3

Lay down some screaming vocals!

Hi folks,
Today I will do my best to nail some vocals in the studio. Finally my turn! It’s just for one song, but hey, a little progress is far better than none..